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Garage Doors

Residential Garage Doors
Commercial garage door

Let us help you choose the door that is perfect for your home down to the last detail. We offer a vast number of door design options, styles, and decorative hardware to make your home one of a kind.

We take pride in our work, pay attention to detail, and provide fast, courteous customer service. With years of experience installing and servicing garage doors for homes and businesses in the area, we are dedicated to providing you with the longest-lasting, smoothest-running garage door possible.

One of the best ways to reduce downtime and hassle is to establish a maintenance routine on a regular basis. Let Architectural Specialties help with that by signing up for our scheduled garage door maintenance plan that we can run monthly, quarterly, biannually, or once a year, depending on the use and environment where you operate your doors.

All commercial service has a minimum 1-hour charge and half-hour increments after that. Mileage is charged from our closest location. Establishing maintenance on a regular basis can keep you from being flooded with problems when it’s least convenient.

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